Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Josephine, and I'm a trans woman with a love for creating things. I chose to pursue a B.S. in New Media because I enjoy writing, designing and building things in whatever format I can get my hands on - scripts, poems, lists, photographs, microfiction, knowledge capturing systems, songs, comics, music videos, tabletop games, etc. 

I've separated examples of my work for easier access - you can navigate them with the dropdown menu in the upper left corner. Here's a basic layout to help:

First 111 Publications - A list of work I had published mainly in my teens. I developed a lot from editors, anthology organizers and fellow authors who were willing to take me under their wings.

Anthology Series - Published under my deadname, I set up a website for a monthly collection of stories submitted by other authors. While I've worked clerically on a few projects and done office work, I think spending a year doing all the editing, formatting and organizing to publish ten-or-so stories a month was my best opportunity to learn proofreading and project management.

When Fukayna Danced Her Libraries - My last short story, published in the anthology "Caped!", which I'm now able to reprint. (Not counting "The Interposition of Gervaise and Emma", a story available for a short time only in Unbound, a Doctor Who charity anthology.)

Odes in the Key of N - A sonnet-crown devoted to goddesses whose names start with "N". The form's based on creating regular Shakespearean sonnets where the last line of one is the first line of the next, until the final line is the same as the beginning. Published originally in Shepherd University's literary magazine, Sans Merci.

The War (Apocryphal Texts) Excerpts - Short pieces of fiction taken from an experiment, writing a novel composed of extensions for each entry in a dictionary-novel, The Book of the War. I've worked on several forms of 'blog-fiction' but I feel that these are the simplest and most polished. 

Blindsight Adaptation - A script, for television or film, of the pilot for a series based on Peter Watts' novel Blindsight. I wrote this for my Capstone project in university, and designed it so that it could be cleaved along several lines - for web series, Netflix, feature length etc. without harming the flow of events.

Lawrence Miles Interview - My interaction with my favorite author, who I investigated and contacted with some questions about his work over the years. 

Reading Notes: The Will to Keep Winning - One example of my note-taking, and summarizing of a book. I believe most nonfiction springs up from a set of notes and can be reduced back to it with enough understanding.

Zettelkasten Entries - A larger example of my notes, assembled more loosely. I collect them in one place in order to draw connections between them and generate new insights, though I'm currently moving to a graph-based system.

Point of Contention (Radio Show) - A radio show I co-hosted with a friend in Shepherdstown. Not all recordings have survived, but I've made sure to save some for their memories. A mixture of music and discussion, with occasional call-ins.

Photography - A few shots I've taken over the years. My subjects are usually landscapes or other environments, and I enjoy finding new compositions in the world.